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Shuresafe™ Security
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Shuresafe™ Security

Shure Manufacturing Corporation provides cost effective, durable, wear resistant and low maintenance ShureSafe® security transaction drawers to address personnel and asset security concerns in various industries including; petroleum, convenience store, pharmacy, schools, embassies, law enforcement, detention and government facilities throughout the America’s, the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East.

Shuresafe® transaction drawers assist in managing high-risk situations, protect critical assets and reduce expenses associated with security concerns in dealing with the general public or in a secured area. All of our ShureSafe® security transaction drawers have LV 3 bullet resistant materials in the faceplate. Many of our ShureSafe® security drawers are available for immediate shipment via UPS.

We also understand that you often have unique needs and are ready to work with you on any of our products to make them better meet your specific requirements. We have extensive experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing “custom” size deal trays, drawers, counter tops and other items, so please consider Shure for your unique customer requirements.

Shure also offers an extensive line of workbenches, tool storage cabinets, carts, storage cabinets and misc. shop equipment that can also enhance your customer’s operations.

• Protect Human And Physical Assets
• Control Access To Secured Environments
• Manage Risk & Protect Staff
• Maintain Positive Control Of Environmental Impact
• Reduce Transaction Exposure In Potentially Risky Situations

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